Why Food Festival in prozone mall - coimbatore is so special ?

Why Food Festival in prozone mall - Coimbatore is so special?
It’s rightly said, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Does eating good food make you happy? If you are a foodie or love to cook, food festivals are the place for you to be.
Food Festivals in India is gearing up. The idea is simple. Entire festivals dedicated to food. Or just experimenting with exotic cuisines. Or learning to make new exquisite dishes.
Prozone Mall has kicked off the first-ever Prozone Food Festival -“EATopia”. Starting from3rd April to 14th April its literal food Eatopia at Coimbatore. 
There is a special menu from restaurants & food outlets & some irresistible offers that are too good to miss out on. 
Being a go-to food destination in the city this is a very welcome festival. With summer holidays around the corner, this is a perfect place to rejoice and indulge with friends and families. 
The main USP for this food festival is the,
Food combo offers at Rs.59/-  Rs.99/- Rs.199/-, a signature offering for EATOPIA 2019.
All food retailers are creating unique offers & special dishes available ONLY at Prozone Mall during the festival. 
 Burger king you crave,
 Cappuccino from Cafe Coffee Day,
 Biryani from Hari Bhavanam,
 Free dessert at Annapoorna,
 Buy two get one free deal at McDonald's.
Be it pizzas, ice-creams, juices, tacos, sizzlers, thalis, and other mouthwatering cuisines and dishes, There’s an offer for all your choices. 
Brands Participating:
Pizza Hut, 
Kappa Kada, 
Hottey Smokey, 
Kwality Walls, 
Belgium Waffle, 
Baskin Robbins, 
London Shake, 
Lorry Wala, 
Chef De Grill,
Everyone has something special for you. 
To add to the festivities there are fun workshops, contests, masterclasses & more activities around food to delight all Food Lovers in this city. 
Renowned chefs from Aloft hotels too will be present at Prozone mall to share some tips & tricks in the kitchen. 
Prozone is hosting the most entertaining contests on Wednesdays & Fridays with exciting prizes to be won. 
This is the first of its kind Food Festival in Coimbatore & is worth more than one visit this April. 
Date: From 3 - 14 th April
Party Game:
Cookie Face Party Game - 06.04.2019
Player try to move a cookie from their forehead into their mouth without using their hands
Eating challenge:
Eat more idli - 07.04.2019
Among 4 or 5 Participants who Eat more idli in 1 minute will be the Winner
Round Chapati:
Roll The Perfect Round Chapati - 13.04.2019
Among 4 or 5 Participants who Make Perfect Round Chappathi in 1 minute will be the Winner.
Have Donut:
Vada on a String - 14.04.2019
Hang the Vada from the top and the player eat the Vada without using their hands
1. Cooking workshops on 4, 10, 12 April 2019
2. Mixology on 5 & 11 April 2019
Competition on 6, 7, 13, 14 April 2019
1. Idli/vada eating challenge
2. Roll the perfect round chapatti
3. The Blindfold challenge
4. Taste test
Come participate and have fun with your friends and family.




Why Food Festival in prozone mall - coimbatore is so special ? %










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