How To Find The Perfect Skinny Jeans

Finding the perfect fitting pair of skinny jeans can be somewhat daunting due to the fact that there are millions to choose from and most of the time they are all different. Knowing the difference between the fits, finding the perfect stretch content, the correct rise height, the appropriate leg length as well as finding a nice wash is very overwhelming and a lot of people struggle with it. I often get a lot of emails asking for help which I’m always more than happy to answer, but I thought I would make a post with some tips that can help you in finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans. Please click this post to find out all of the information.

Body Shapes And Sizes

In my opinion, everyone can wear skinny jeans, it just completely depends on the way you style them. Don’t be put off in thinking if you have fuller hips or a curvier figure that they won't work for you because when styled right, they definitely will. I’ve seen all different shapes and sizes in skinny jeans and when worn with the correct clothes to balance out the proportions, they look amazing. For Example:

Curves And Hips

If you do have a curvier body shape, wearing skinny jeans tucked into mid-calf/knee high boots will balance out the lower leg portion, while wearing a longer shirt or tunic that hits just below the butt will flatter the top half. If you have fuller hips, then wearing the skinny jeans tucked into boots again will balance out the hip to lower leg ratio, but on top, you can wear something that’s wider on the shoulders like a blazer with shoulder pads to keep the proportions correct.

Slim And Straight

If you have a straighter figure, more so what they call the boyish shape or fashion model style, I would say that a low rise can be very flattering. Having the jeans super skinny and tailored at the calves and ankles is the best option as it creates the illusion that you have a smaller lower leg area which in turn makes the hip area wider to the eye. I find that also boyfriend jeans work the best in this shape, but I know this is skinny jeans post so I won't delve into that.


If you are petite then wearing a skinny jean with a high rise, pump style heels and a shirt/blouse tucked in at the waist can really elongate your legs for a more dressier look, but for casual I would definitely recommend a low rise skinny jeans that’s super skinny all over. Definitely stay away from mid-rises, I myself have experience with the mid-rises and unless you wear a long top that hits at the front pockets, this particular height in rise is not very flattering. It can make you look shorter.


For the taller ladies, they are very lucky as they can pretty much get away with just about any skinny jean on the market, but the ones I would be more inclined to recommend would be mid to higher rises as they are most flattering. If you have long legs and are conscious of their length though, you could try a lower rise jean with a top that skims at the waistband so it doesn’t make your legs lengthier and then pairs them with flats.

Butt Shapes

Now the back pockets, for me, are something that I always make sure I look at first. It’s the selling point of the jeans in my opinion. If a pair of jeans look really gorgeous from the front, but awful from the back, then I won't get them. Having the jeans back pockets in the perfect place is something that everyone should look out for so that they are flattering all the way around. It’s the same principle as if the jeans looked bad from the front, but great from the back, you would most likely put them back on the shelf. The back is equally as important as the front in my opinion, so that’s why pocket placement and positioning is a key factor in finding the perfect skinny jeans.

A few simple tips to remember make sure the back pockets are symmetrical and in line with each other, make sure they are not too big or too small and also make sure they are a flattering shape; the classic pocket with the V at the bottom is always the best in my opinion.

                                                         Smaller/Flatter Butts

If you have a smaller or flatter tush area, then there are quite a lot of jeans to suit you. For pocket positioning, I would recommend choosing back pockets that are slightly higher up as they create the illusion of a pert butt. Picking jeans with back pockets that are also slightly wider apart will create the illusion that you have a wider butt, however, this isn’t always very flattering and can look bad if they are placed to far apart. The best option would be picking central back pockets with a higher positioning. I think these can be very flattering. The above photo is of higher positioned back pockets, but my butt is more on the rounded side so as you can see it’s not that flattering.

Leg Shapes

Leg shapes are definitely another very important factor when choosing your skinny jeans. Most brands know this and that’s why you have such an array of fits from ankle peg and jeggings to 12 inch and pencil legs. There will be something for everyone, it’s just knowing the difference between the shapes and what might suit you best. I’m only including the two opposite ends of the scale here as regular sized/shaped legs can pretty much do any skinny jeans and look fine.

Athletic/Fuller Legs

If you have more muscular/athletic or fuller legs then I would recommend choosing a 12-inch skinny jean, or something around that proportion, as it will fit a lot like a slimmer skinny jean. It will leave more room in the calf area and it won't be too constricting on your legs overall, but it will still look really skinny. Sometimes, if you find the 12 inch skinnies still too tight, you might want to opt for a straight leg with a 14 inch opening and these will still look skinny on you. I’ve seen a lot of jeans worn this way and they still look fine. How jeans fit varies greatly on the body shape of the owner.

Very Slim Legs

This is the issue I struggle with. My hip to leg ratio is off, so when I find a pair of regular jeans that fit in the hip area, they are usually baggy in the legs which is really unfortunate. My advice for very slim legs is picking an ankle peg skinny jean with a 10 inch leg opening or less. These will definitely be very flattering and look like regular skinny jeans on you. I also find that jeggings look very flattering, they hug in all the right places and don’t leave any room for gaps or bagginess which can be unflattering. I wouldn’t recommend picking anything over a 10 inch leg opening as if your calves are small they end up looking like straight leg jeans that don’t go past your ankles and it looks quite sloppy.




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