Travel Festival 2019 in Prozone mall - Coimbatore

Travel Festival 2019 in prozone mall - Coimbatore is the largest travel promotion fair in Coimbatore, organized by axis promotions in collaboration with prozone Mall.
On May 18 & 19 2019. the fair is expected to attract more visitors, mostly aged 23-50, including shoppers, office workers, and families as well as companies’ teambuilding organizers.
Travel Fest 2019 will introduce and sell premium vacation packages or transportation within its “Best Price” program, applicable for travel or vacations. the fair focuses on selling travel packages or services such as airline tickets, domestic and international tours, luxury resort packages at four and five-star hotels or resorts, admission to entertainment areas, and other related services.
- Discover new destinations
- International and domestoc packages oin sale
- Participate in lucky draws to win holiday pakkages
With a young, dynamic and a willing spirit to tackle challenges, prozone brings Travel Fest 2019 to help young customers have wonderful trips,” 
Travel Fest 2019 is open to the public from 11am to 10pm May 4 and 5 at prozone mal coimbatore.
Travel Festival In Prozone Mall - Coimbatore.
Date: 18 & 19 May 2019
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Travel Festival 2019 in Prozone mall - Coimbatore %








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