Future of shopping malls is "Phygital - Contactless & Virtual Solutions for Retail"

Consumer shopping behavior has changed during this COVID period and it will continue the post-COVID era, People prefer to spend less time in physical shopping due to safety measures and social distancing.

Phygital ecosystem will play a key part in shaping the future of shopping malls.

Consumers prefer to browse the list of products from their favorite stores and build a shopping list at home, Upon reaching the store they have more time to check for other items.

Stores want to be flexible and quickly adapt to the crisis to survive, Technology will play a vital role in providing consumers with safe shopping means along with convenience.

Upcoming months, businesses likely to witness a significant impact, retailers want to work towards incorporating the ‘Phygital’ retail model  to survive and thrive to improve their sales

About malls2shop:
malls2shop.com is the most exclusive portal focused on providing data about malls and detailed information for shoppers about happenings in malls by digitizing information of malls, brands, and stores and helping consumers through their buying decision process.

How malls2shop is unique:
- Unique national page
- Unique mall page with floorwise information.
- Separate page for retail stores and its products
- Real-time location-based notification in an app for customers
- Push notification - city wise
- Categories based product/service listings.
- Users can walk through global malls from shop to shop digitally




Future of shopping malls is "Phygital - Contactless & Virtual Solutions for Retail" %











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