The need for a shopping mall aggregator

Why we need a shopping mall aggregator:

Aggregator portal introduces technology into the consumer’s product discovery process, offering recommendations from across many different retailers based on their own preferences and those of other consumers.
It’s a different way for customers to discover new items in a product category they’ve shown an interest in.

Why malls2shop.com

malls2shop.com is the only shopping mall aggregator in India and an exclusive portal focused on providing data about malls and detailed information for shoppers about happenings in malls by digitizing information of malls, brands, and stores and helping consumers through their buying decision process.
You can find 100+ shopping mall details in this portal and you can download the app in playstore.

How malls2shop is unique:

- Unique national page
- Unique mall page with floorwise information.
- Separate page for retail stores and its products
- Real-time location-based notification in an app for customers
- Push notification - city wise
- Categories based product/service listings.
- Users can walk through global malls from shop to shop digitally

Importance of shopping mall aggregator

Aggregator helps shopping malls and retail shops to boost their sales.
Gone are the days when businesses would manually curate information from influencers and industries to find useful information that engages the audience. 

This conventional approach to aggregating information and republishing is cumbersome and time-consuming.

Today, aggregators help companies collect and easily share information. malls2shop.com is the only shopping mall aggregator focused on providing data about malls and detailed information for shoppers about happenings in malls by digitizing its information.

In addition, malls2shop social network pages publish posts from multiple retail brands which engage more audience.
What is more, malls2shop.com has advanced filtering features that enable users to check products in shopping malls across their city.

Benefits of mall2shop.com

mall2shop.com website and App provides one location for information and centralized logins. This streamlining and centralization of content and processes make consumption easier by reducing the overall time and effort spent searching for information on the internet. consumers still reap all the same benefits.

mall2shop.com website and App gather information from shopping malls and retail brands. therefore, have broader categories, better options, and a wider variety of information for consumers. This can aid in diversification across various categories and genres and allow a broader reach.

Consumers can check the breadth by deciding what information they want to check via filter options. This is why it's important to use an aggregator that gives you full control with filtering options.

Wider Reach
malls2shop.com can reach higher numbers of consumers by capitalizing on simplicity and breadth. The website and app can attract users from a different set of consumers. This leads to less marketing and more organic traffic.

Data/ information ownership
Due to the broader reach, malls2shop.com has a better understanding of consumer patterns, purchase behaviors, and trends. This knowledge benefits us further.



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