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Cover Story

"Cover Story is India’s first fast fashion brand with its design office based in London. A part of Future Style Lab, Cover Story is for the fashion-loving and value-conscious Indian Woman. The brand captures the best of the latest international trends created in London with a style of language that is resolutely feminine and classy. Cover Story aims to stand out in the market by offering global fashion at competitive prices. Its feminine international designs, prints and styles originate in London and with the help of a global network of robust vendors and factories, Cover Story is able to deliver fresh fashion from the runway every week. Since experimentation is crucial at Cover Story, we believe in evolving the content of our fashion lookbooks regularly. The motto of the brand is to deliver new collections every week at affordable price points. Cover Story invites everyone from fashion aficionados to shoe and accessory sticklers, to indulge in this realm of fast fashion that is stylish, lively and versatile."


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