Meat and eat presents
‘Adavu’ a play based on
Theruk-koothu by Theatre Akku .
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There is a special performance in Prozone on May 3 evening.[no tickets for this show ]
ADAVU is a term in Tamil that denotes dance steps. Just like how alphabets are combined to form words Adavus are combined to form dance sequences. 
The play Adavu brings out the struggle of a Therukoothu (Street play) artist in the modern era. 
Therukoothu is one of the oldest forms of entertainment created by the Tamizh community. It laid the foundation for storytelling through iyal, isai & nadagam which modern Indian cinema gradually adopted. 
Therukoothu's origin is dated back in the history with its reference in Thirukkural, a 2000+-year-old Tamil classic text.
The play is based on a real-life incident that was encountered by Purasai Sammandham Ayya's troupe. 
The well renowned Therukoothu troupe has been eagerly waiting for a stage to showcase a sequence from Mahabharat. 
Every member of the group is very excited about the performance as they had been out of shows for a really long time. 
The team is all set to perform the infamous Panjali Sabatham sequence. 
Theatre artists with high spirits and glittery make-up are all set for the performance but the power goes off. What happens next is the story of ADAVU.
Our traditional art forms have evolved over the years and some have remained untouched by modernization. Therukoothu, one of the oldest folk theatre forms of Tamil Nadu, is celebrated in many villages but is unknown to many, especially the urban population. Modernization and the influence of digital mediums have led people to forget their roots. 
The artists of Theatre Theatre artists have come together to reiterate the value of an art form that originated in South India and to educate viewers about our cultural heritage. 
Vijay sethupathi invites you to Coimbatore for a Therukkoothu based drama "Adavu" and also talks about his vision on Therukkkootbu.
May 3  - 2019
Prozone mall - Coimbatore
May 4 ,5 - 2019
Clusters Media zone
439, Kamarajar Rd, periyar nagar, Chitra Nagar, Hope College, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641004
Udalveli Arts Foundation
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9894350810, 6374459644

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